Brilliant and mysterious, JT Dalton, professor of chemistry, runs the mentoring/readjustment program at the local university. Shawn Wittig, twenty-nine, spoiled & troubled heir to an indulgent, single, playboy father, is court ordered to attend the program. Their relationship is immediately volatile, but Professor Dalton’s persistent tiger-mom discipline sparks a deeper connection between the two. Before long, the professor finds herself involved in an illicit and highly sexualized affair with her student, consuming both their lives.

The University, catching wind of this scandal, promptly suspends JT, and Shawn’s father forces the young man to give up his obsession with his older professor, but is this enough to end this compulsion…

Written by Nancy Isaak & Catherine Dao


Symphoria. Sounds like a “happy” musical term, as in euphoria, only with music? Reasonable guess, but the word “symphoria” comes from the Greek symphoro, to bring together usefully (sym = together, phero = to bring). It is… are you ready? A chemical term! Symphoria is the art of stereochemistry where reactants are brought into the “perfect” three-dimensional spatial relationship in order to catalyze a desired reaction. English translation = If you shove some right stuff into the right place at the right time, you can make some good shi#!@ happen, or you can get very dark and twisted. Can you see where we’re headed, here?!

The Company

Symphoria Films, LLC, founded by Nancy Isaak and Catherine Dao in 2010, is an independent production company. Nancy has made her mark in the film industry both in Canada and in the U.S. throughout her life while Catherine is no stranger to the entertainment field and brings her Chinese heritage to the mix with an unique spin. Our main goal is to produce and co-produce international features for the cinema and TV. We are prepared and ready to take on the indie budget challenges of unique films with the highest artistic and production value. We’ve proven that this can be done by bringing our first full-length feature out the gate, “Symphoria,” under budget and on time through its principal photography stage of twenty-one days of shoot with a crew of twenty plus per day. It is currently in post-production. The trailers are available for viewing on our film’s website listed below.

Our company aims to focus on growing and expanding in the next decade. In addition to our current feature, “Symphoria,” an erotic thriller still in post, we also have an upcoming slate of four films in different stages of development with an accumulated budget of fifteen plus million. As the winner of the Alfred P. Sloan/Tribeca Fellowship for a feature script based in hard science, our first film, “Glow Worms” is the story of three 11-year old girls who decide to beat the boys at the annual science fair by building a nuclear fission reactor in their back yard. The second film is based on Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata,” “She-ville” tells the story of a small town whose entire female population decides to withhold sexual relations from their menfolk as a way to manipulate them. Our third film is a post-apocalyptic film of the “28 Days Later” genre, with a small cast, using the Canon EOS 5D Mark III digital technology. The last but not least feature is a vampire film based on a famous historical event that happened at the turn of the century. All three films are still open for distribution and not yet fully funded. We do have some dedicated private funding from independent investors. We look forward to a plethora of opportunities to make new alliances with filmmakers from all over the world. Let’s make films, not war.

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